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Some key things to know about prints:

  • These prints are beautiful and stunning!
  • I personally print all Fine Art prints and take great pride in producing prints exactly as I perceive the photographs.
  • All prints sold via this site are un-matted and un-framed.
  • Most photographs are in a 2:3 ratio (think 4×6″) with the exception of a few panoramas and square photographs.
    • This is the native ratio of a 35mm dslr.
    • 8×12″, 12×18″, 16×24″, 20×30″, 24×36″, 30×45″
  • All prints are among the highest quality and are rated to last over 129 years before visible changes occur (when placed behind UV blocking glass).*
  • Prints should be treated and handled with care.
    • If you are not experienced with handling prints – especially large prints – please call me; I will be more than happy to talk with you about good handling practices.
  • Protecting your prints with professional, conservation grade matting and framing is a fantastic idea!


Some key things about orders:

  • I will handle all orders as swiftly as possible
  • Please expect up to 3 weeks for Fine Art prints larger than 20×30″
    • All photographs are printed on demand.
    • If you need expedited processing and shipping, please call me prior to ordering to find out if your timeline can be achieved
  • Prints are carefully rolled and hand-packaged in cylindrical tubes and shipped via USPS.
    • If you have specific shipping needs, please notify me.

* Image permanence ratings are referenced via the findings of Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., a trusted industry standard.


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